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Different from a typical talk-back, Screendance Club aims to create an environment of open conversation and exploration with artists, filmmakers, and viewers on an equal footing.

The focus is less “artist’s talk” model, where the artist talks about the why / how / what of their intent and more on a conversation with an audience of peers. Applicants should be prepared for to reflect on issues, connections, and observations made by audience members that the artist did not intend or think about.

We want to talk about dance films in a way that demystifies, enlightens, and educates audiences.


Your piece must be a dance for camera or dance film, and can either be a short work or an excerpt of a larger piece—in either case, no more than 15 minutes long. We will also consider unfinished pieces or works-in-progress, but you must submit an excerpt of the actual piece you intend to screen for this submission. You do not need to be a Chicago based artist to be considered for this program.

A small stipend of $150 will be provided if your piece is selected for screening and discussion.

To be considered:

  • Provide all requested information below in your initial submission. (Bio, photos, trailer, summary of the work, other promotional and credit information.) 
  • Be available for one planning meeting about your event with SCD staff.
  • Be ready to show and discuss your work with an online audience on an agreed-upon date (See below.)

Selected artists:

  • Be open and willing to talk about your film with audiences with little experience in watching dance for film. 
  • Provide access to your film via downloadable file link to the film to be screened. 
  • Provide information on the film and any sensitive issues, topics or images presented within. 
  • Attend at least one Screendance Club prior to your presentation.
  • Log into Zoom 15 minutes in advance of the start of your event to review the run of show with SCD staff. 


  • Each Screendance Club will be recorded for the SCD online archive. The archive of your film / excerpt along with the discussion will be made available to view after the event date. (Providing you have the rights to the music / text). Exceptions can be made if your film is not ready for distribution.
  • Each Screendance Club will have CART Captioning, ASL interpretation or other accommodations for artists, moderators and audience as needed.


If you're ready to submit your film for consideration, hit next.

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