SCD Dance For Camera Workshop Survey

See Chicago Dance is currently in the planning stage of a new initiative to cultivate sustainability and resilience for the Chicago dance field during and beyond the COVID-19 health crisis. This summer, SCD will offer a series of workshops aimed at providing dance artists with the video skills they need to adapt and thrive in digital mediums. We want to help bridge the gap between live and virtual dancemaking, and provide you with the tools to become self-sufficient and confident when working with video.

What we know: Guest video professionals will teach a series of professional development workshops featuring practical knowledge and instruction for the creation of dance for video platforms. These workshops will be free and open to the entire Chicago dance field (RSVP process for participation via Zoom; potential for an in-person component TBD). Workshops (both knowledge-based and hands-on, practical experiences) will be designed sequentially to build skills from session to session. Topics may include not only the basics of video equipment, staging, lighting, but also a discussion of aesthetics, styles, vocabulary, and uses for different types of video. These workshops will offer a hands-on learning experience, those looking to discuss dance films should also check out our ongoing Screendance Club.

Does that sound good to you? Help us make it even better. Please answer all the questions in this survey to help us tailor this workshop to YOUR needs. Please answer the questions below with openness and honesty, and let us know what skills YOU most want to learn in order to best support your work going forward!

For more information on the upcoming Dance for Camera Workshops, Click HERE.

I am a dancer/dancemaker
I am an online content creator
I am a video artist/very comfortable with video already
I collaborate with video artists/hire others to edit or record video
I have some experience in presenting digital content, but would like to learn more when it comes to making
Android cell phone
Point and shoot camera
Laptop or desktop computer
Basic documentation (one static camera/phone recording an entire sequence for reference later)
Live streaming, with one camera
High quality recording of rehearsal or performance for use in grant applications
Creative, high quality cell phone recording/editing for use on social media
High quality, smooth moving DSLR single camera shoot
Documentation of my creative process (including video interviews and audio recordings)
Multi-camera shoot (creating a visually stunning product for in-person presentation or for submitting to film festivals)
Online Marketing
Creative video reinterpretation of a live work
Technological exploration/using video technology to create experimental multi-media installation
Something else
Sound recording and editing
Lighting techniques for video, photography, performance, etc
Something else
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